As your NID Division 4 Director, I will:

  • Ensure reliable delivery of quality water at a reasonable price
  • Increase fiscal transparency through financial system overhaul
  • Raise Hydro Electric efficiency and production
  • Leverage the PCCP and partner with our community to improve conservation
  • Prepare for and manage changing weather patterns


  • Clean
  • Renewable
  • Offsets the cost of water delivery

Changing Weather Patterns

  • Shrinking snow pack
  • Atmospheric rivers
  • Expanding dry season


  • Simulation and modeling
  • Projections
  • Security


I was fortunate enough to grow up in the Sierra Nevada foothills with the Bear River as my backyard. I spent springs and summers camping and boating at the reservoirs that comprise our wonderful watersheds. After earning an Electrical Engineering degree from the California State University at Chico I spent a number of years in Silicon Valley where I attended graduate school at Santa Clara University and ultimately participated in the formation, IPO and selling of a networking company.

My education as well as my engineering and business experience has provided me with a set of skills which will fill a technology void on the NID Board of Directors as water agencies adapt to the challenging conditions we are experiencing today.

Since returning from Silicon Valley in 2004, we have lived in and around Lincoln, making South Placer County our forever home. After ushering our four children off to college, my wife Molly and I have been enjoying building out our ranch just north of Lincoln. Blessed with access to NID water as well as having Doty Ravine running through the ranch, we decided the time was right to give back to our community and help protect this precious resource for generations to come.

Water IS Life!

You may have seen the “Water is Life” slogan on one of my signs around town. I feel it represents my moral center as well as this vital resource perfectly.

We are living in challenging times. Many aspects of our daily lives are being stressed in a plethora of manners. Our water supply is no exception. While the watersheds that are the source of NID water are in rather good condition this year, most of our neighbors are struggling. Drought, politics, population growth, etc will continue to put pressure on this precious resource we rely so heavily on.

It is imperative that we continue to gather data and leverage technology to model Nevada County and Placer County’s water needs for the next 25 to 50 years and then empower the right people to curate a healthy and stable NID with strong partnerships in the region. Partnerships with municipalities, with PCWA and PG&E, but most importantly with the community.

I would be honored to have your support for NID Division 4 Director on November 8th.